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Using our AI engine you're able to deep dive into any niche and uncover the keywords that your target audience is searching for.

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Automate Answering Google PAA

After generating keywords, you can fetch the Google 'People Also Ask' questions, and automatically write engaging and factual answers search engines want to see.

GPT-4 Based AI Engine

With you're able to instruct our GPT-4 based AI engine to generate entirely unique and deeply relevant questions and topics for your articles.

Easily generate controversial, thought provoking, unconventional topics, and pain points for your niche.

From seed keyword to deep and engaging questions your audience has

Starting with a single seed keyword you will be able to generate a list of hundreds of keywords, much more useful than typical tools. From there you can use that data, or take it a step further and generate questions, topics and blog post outlines.

Keyword Data

Included with generated keywords is estimated search volume, Google PAA questions and keyword difficulty.

Make informed decisions around which keywords to target and to create blog post outlines for.

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Search engines love topic relevance and topic clusters

By generating potentially hundreds of topics around a single keyword, you're able to build out incredible authority within your niche. Topics your competitors don't even know they're missing out on.

Topic Clusters

Google has made updates to their algorithms that prioritize topic-based content. Quickly grab a list of topics, questions and keywords to blanket a topic

Build Authority

By focusing on building authority in your niche, you can create a strong foundation for your marketing efforts and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

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Find the best keywords today

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AI Generated Keywords
AI Generated Questions/Topics
AI Generated Blog Post Outlines
Answer Google People Also Ask Question

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Here's what's in store for you.

Keyword Research Should Be Easy.

After generating keywords with our AI engine, you'll be given the data you need.

Quickly see the list of keywords, the estimated monthly search volume, and keyword difficulty.

Our AI Engine Does The Hard Work.

Utilize your keywords for question and topic ideation.

Stand out in the SERPs, prove your authority, and help your readers.

People Also Ask Scraped For You.

When viewing our keyword detail page, we scrape the Google People Also Ask questions for you.

We're always adding and improving our detailed views.

Our AI Makes You Stand Out.

With one click of a button you can generate 4 superior answers to the questions for your keyword.

Give your readers what they're searching for, with highly relevant and useful answers to their burning questions.

Users have generated

Blog Post Outlines
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate keywords?

You provide a single "seed" keyword, and we use our proprietary code to find you hundreds of topics to cover. Our GPT-4 based AI model is able to provide you with natural language keywords. The difference from regular keyword research tools is that our keywords are modelled after how people actually search for things in search engines. We also include keyword search volume (estimatation of searches per month) and keyword difficulty (how hard it is to rank for that keyword).

What types of keywords, questions or topics can you generate?

The secret sauce of our AI model is the ability to provide you with questions and topics related to the end users pain points, worries, concerns. You can even generate thought provoking, or controversial questions that are great for viral content.

Do you write or generate the articles for me?

Not right now. Our app right now will help with keyword generation, topic and question generation, blog title and article topics. We're also not convinced long-form AI generated content will be beneficial for your blog in the long run. We have seen extreme benefit with ideation and topic coverage though.

What are credits and how do they work?

When you subscribe to our plan, you are allocated credits in your account. Actions within your account consume credits. For example generating a blog post outline, or a keyword consume credits.

You answer Google People Also Ask questions?

Yes! Once you generate a list of keywords, we scrape the 'people also ask' section of the search results. You can then answer the questions automatically with one press. The content generated is 100% unique and ready to be pasted into your content.

Create content that your audience is currently looking for, and destroy writers block.