Niche Expander

Documentation and examples for our Niche Expander

Jan. 24, 2023

The niche expander is a tool created to help with niche ideation and expansion.

All too often people get stuck and feel they don't have any other topics they can write about, or can't come up with any additional content ideas. The niche expander will give you 'should niches' and niches relevant to the one you input, along with some sub-niches or sub-topics.

We recommend inputting your "broad" niche or industry that your site/business is about. You can then pick a sub-niche and generate another report to get even more ideas.

For example you would want to use: "lawn care", "cycling", "cats", "digital marketing", "conversion rate optimization".

It's also advisable to pick one of the sub-niches, and create a new project with it. Then you'll be able to run the keyword generator and get hundreds of keyword ideas.

The AI is designed to provide similar niches, and then gradually suggest more and more less relevant ones. You should get back a list of about 9-10+ niches.

Below are some example reports, with their 'seed keyword' included at the top.

Search Engine Optimization


Backyard Gardening




Lead Generation